Dear Friend

Dear Friend,
I know you feel as though I don’t care much anymore, but the truth is I love you with all my heart. There isn’t a thing in the world that would stop me from being there for you. If you called upon me wanting to talk, laugh, cry, or just sit in silence, I will be there in a heartbeat. That’s what a friend does. I know you look at me and say “well you don’t call me or text me anymore.” I know I don’t, but it’s not for the excuse that you think. See I don’t have the excuses you always have of “well it works both ways” or “I’ve just been so busy” because I have tried time and time again. I have called and text and came to see you and asked you out on adventures and midnight drives. I have initiated so many conversation that actually did exist. You see my friend, I can’t name a time that I didn’t get back to you even if it was later, but it’s been so long since you even desired my company in any form. It does work both ways, but after awhile I got the hint. After being told excuse after excuse I just stop trying. Yes I have been really busy in my life, but I have always and will always make time for my friends when they need or want me in their lives. I am just tired of always making the effort and never feeling wanted or needed in the same way. It does work both way, now doesn’t it?
So my friend, know that I love you. If you call me or text me, I will be here. That is the kind of friend I am. I got your back. Just please don’t hate me or try to make me feel guilty because I stopped trying and working so hard to make someone a part of my life that no longer wanted to be there. I’m here! I got you!
Love you,
Your Friend

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