Never Truly Fit In

Being a person who has never truly fit in is a blessing and a curse.
It’s a curse because you find yourself alone a lot. Not that it’s a bad thing to be alone, but humans love companionship. They actually need it from time to time. These people are sometimes shunned as weird, outcast, losers, or loners which in turn makes them feel out of sorts or insecure with themselves. This can dull their shine. (For those of you who do not know the definition of companionship it is as follows: a feeling of fellowship or friendship.)
The blessing of being a person who never truly fits in is the whole factor that you don’t fit in with normality! Woo-Hoo!!!
You more than likely stand out because you truly have something to teach the world. If you can overcome that curse side of it, OH BOY! You can be a light that shines bright. People are sometimes scared of the light because it may just outshine their shady sides. This is why they shun and try to dull you into the cursed side of things!

Don’t be afraid of not fitting in….And know that you are not alone. There are actually other people who do not fit in wondering if there is someone out there just like them. SO SHINE BRIGHT!
Live in the blessing and not the curse. It’s an ugly place to waste so much beauty.



Published by: ReAl-N-rAw

I am a human being. I am a grand adventurer, a dreamer, a finder of passion. This blog is about many things we all deal with in life. I will bounce around from relationships, kids, friends, food, vacations, dreams, hobbies, crafts, arts, and much much more. Life gives you so much to learn and so much to love even through all the darkness, so LIVE!

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