Just writing

Beauty and depth come out in pain….
Pain and sadness are seriously the two emotions everyone can connect to, and within the two, we create beauty and love from depths sometimes unforeseen.
No more messages, no more calls, no more trying to invade friendships to which no one graciously returns or equally desires to nurture. Go where you are loved, felt, desired, and wanted. Your friendship is a gracious gift to those worthy of its presence and essence.
Just because you have weak moments in life doesn’t mean you are not a strong person. Strength shines brightest in the weakest of moments.
Don’t expect only happiness in your life. There are going to be dark times, but remember that stars need darkness to shine!


In difficult times, always carry something beautiful inside.

Don’t be too busy with your life to live.

Wake up, you’re alive.

Life is an adventure…Dare it!
Life is a love…Enjoy it!
Life is a lesson…Learn it!
Life is a tragedy…Face it!
Life is a struggle…Fight it!
Life is a Promise…Fulfill it!

Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life. No matter what your path of spiritual belief may be….Live it and be free yet do not judge upon me.
Never stay in a place or situation where you feel expendable. Know your worth and shine!
Being genetically related doesn’t make you family. Love, support, trust, sacrifice, honesty, acceptance, compassion, protection, security, compromise, gratitude, respect, and loyalty are what make you family.

following written in 2012

“Even the simplest of words can change a person’s life.”

Words are some of the most powerful entities that a person possesses. Though many try to act as though words never really affect them, there is great power in the tongue. Words can be used to inspire, to build up nations, to write books that change the world, to create wars, to end wars, to create marvels of the human mind, to explain the feelings a person possesses, and for many other reasons as well.

If we truly think about it, even the simplest of words can change a persons life at any given time. Knowing this we must be careful about the words that we use, and we must make a valiant effort to use our words for the good of the world instead of for the decaying of it. Choose your use of words of effectively, and make a pledge to use words that will inspire and promote growth and the well being of all, instead of words that promote the decline of humans and words that create darkness and death.


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