Telling a Story

How to tell a story is one of the hardest things to figure out. When you tell a great story you have to tell it with passion. You have to step into character and become the person you are portraying. Sometimes this can be very intimate. Sometimes it can dangerous. Sometimes it can teach you.
When I tell a story I get into character. I tell a story with passion and heart. Some of the things I write people really believe it is my story. I did my first audio reading the other day. The company I read for said “You have a deep passion in your voice we could feel. It was like you were reading from the lines of your life.” I never really realized I did that until they pointed it out.
I am a writer. I can write, I can do behind the scenes, but I am not an up in front, stand in front of the crowd kind of person. The audio book was a very new experience. As I read the story, I felt every emotion spilled out into those words. When I recorded the audio, I had to pause many times because I did feel the passion, the heartache, the drive, and the surviving. I got into character, my emotions flowed and so did the tears. I have a strong sense of empathy. That empathy carries me through life. It is an amazing gift with it’s beautiful heartbreaks.
In order to write a story, read a story, or act a story you have to feel the story. That is the only way to make a story great for yourself or someone else to enjoy.
I am a writer, and I write with passion just as I live in passion!

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