It May Never Happen but It’s Always Just A Dream Away!

To love someone so pure and so deeply is breathtakingly beautiful.
Relationships aren’t easy though, but love is. There is nothing hard about love. It’s one of the purest of emotions. It’s what we do to it with our actions (or lack of)……
They say sometimes Love makes you stupid. It can!
Sometimes Love isn’t always two sided either, and yes it hurts. It doesn’t mean what you felt wasn’t real or true…….
I dream vividly every day! Just yesterday I was dreaming as I drove down the road. My love was in the passenger seat discussing something off the wall then getting agitated at whatever news story popped up on the radio during the news brief. Me, I rolled my eyes, and he gets irritated because I rolled my eyes at his agitation. Then I start busting up laughing because he is passionately irritated and it’s cute…… just a feeling….My best friend, my Love, my Dream!

Love to me is wholeness. It’s the safest place yet the most vulnerable you’ll ever be with another.

Yeah I dream. I also know in all reality I may never experience someone loving me in all of love’s magnificence. I may never experience someone wanting to fight it out with me, disagree with me, debate with me, make up with me, play and laugh with me, adventure with me, and sit in complete utter silence with me feeling our love in all its complex simplicity with real raw emotions knowing we’re not perfect but loving each other completely with all our beautiful imperfections because it’s the only place we want to be….

In today’s world everyone is so scared of being hurt, unwilling to work things through or looking for something that is perfect. Love is perfect but like I said, relationships take work from both parties. It won’t always be sunshine and rainbows, but if the love is real the rain will make it grow!

You may be reading this right now saying “how could someone be so negative?” It’s not negative. It’s realistic. In 5 minutes I could die…..and I would have never felt it! I could live 40 more years, but my love is stuck in Honduras (with a sigh of laughter). Life is funny like that.
Oh but in my dreams I feel it and I have it!!!! I know I am worthy of love, and I hold that in my dreams!

You may call me cynical, but that I am not. I am a very passionate person wishing the best for all those around me and in the world, BUT I am living in truth with my dreams. The truth is not everyone finds their happily ever after. Not everyone experiences that kind of love. And not everyone will live out their dreams. Oh but the dreams are nice to have! Hold on to them; chase them. Hopefully you experience that kind of love from someone. Keep your dreams alive because even if you don’t find it or succeed in living out the dream, you loved yourself enough to feel it alive within you! You dreamed!!!

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