One Thing I Don’t Want to Live Without.

Music, It’s the one thing that has never let me down. It always knows what to say even if it’s not what I want to hear. It’s bold and honest. It allows me to sing at the top of my lungs and never tells me how bad I may sound. It brings me up with its harmonious rhythms. It allows me to dance in every way my body wants to move. It always seems to know whether I need nice and slow, heavy with attitude, a pop to make the hips move, a tear in my alcohol, or just something to make my spirit smile. It makes love to my emotions and never leaves me alone. It sits with me when all else has left or ignored my silent cries. Music is the one thing that gave me it’s word and has always stood by it. It allows me to love completely, dream vividly, aggressively scream from hurt or anger, and cry when I’m lost, scared, and alone. Music is the only thing that has never left me and has always been there when human kind turned to look the other away.

Music is my best friend! It’s truer than true. It keeps my secrets and holds me up when all else fails. Music has always shown me true love as I have it! MUSIC doesn’t play games, and it teaches me how to stay strong through the games humans play. Its helps me through heartaches and struggles. It entices sexual desire and gives me the edge to kick a little ass. It keeps me lifted by encouraging me to reach for more and never give up. Music even talks me into keeping the faith and believing the human spirit is worth fighting for…after all, humans make beautiful music! There has to be hope in that!



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