Beautifully Broken

Broken pieces from a shattered past are beautiful and unique if you allow them to be. They make you who you are. It’s easy to blame someone or something for those broken pieces laying around so carelessly, but in all reality those are yours. They are you through and through. You are responsible for how you heal and mend.
Sometimes we look to others to make it alright again, but no one can heal your broken pieces but you, YOU! Now, the right ones will see you, the real you, and love you through the mending process. They will love every crack and break because it’s all beautiful and YOU. They get to witness first hand your inner strength, fight, and beauty. Their love can also help you see where mending needs completed by shining their light through the cracks on those darker days.
You have to fix you though! Allow yourself to see how beautiful you are, and allow the world to see the beautiful masterpiece you truly are becoming with each passing day!
I know I am beautifully broken….So are you! Believe in yourself.

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