In all the craziness I started to lose myself. I started to lose my happy. I forgot what it was like to laugh and sing and dance and cry and scream and laugh even more. I lost myself in the pain, in the hate, in the sorrow. One day I said no more. I said Fuck you! I stood up, adjusted my crown made of thorns and roses, and I’m bleeding my way back to me. This is my fucking life. This is my happiness and no one will ever take from me again. You want a place in my life, you make it. You make a point to be in it. I’m not going to chase ghost anymore and actions speak to me far more than words. You want to stay in my life? Stay real and don’t you ever abuse that trust and respect. I don’t have time for anything else. When I say I got your back I mean it, but also know I got mine now too!

Reach inside yourself, find your strength, adjust you crown, and stand tall! Be real…teach the world what it has forgotten!


Published by: ReAl-N-rAw

I am a human being. I am a grand adventurer, a dreamer, a finder of passion. This blog is about many things we all deal with in life. I will bounce around from relationships, kids, friends, food, vacations, dreams, hobbies, crafts, arts, and much much more. Life gives you so much to learn and so much to love even through all the darkness, so LIVE!

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