A Reflection of Mirrored Truth

“I never claimed to be perfect. I am definitely not a saint. I make plenty of mistakes, always have and probably always will. I guess you could say I love to learn (with a smile and sigh of laughter). Sometimes I try too hard. Sometimes I don’t try hard enough. Sometimes I push myself harder than I should, and sometimes I don’t push hard enough at all. I love deeply and passionately. Sometimes it hurts me, and sometimes it doesn’t.  I have learned forgiving yourself is the greatest peace maker. This comes in handy when you make mistakes or fall in love with people who do not know how to love you. I have learned that those you have loved and respected for years will still surprise you and may even hurt you deeper than you could ever imagine. I have learned blood isn’t always thicker, and sometimes it is the most toxic. I learned that a perfect stranger could save your life with just one smile. I also learned real love doesn’t speak with words. It speaks within the body, the heart, and the soul. It is proven with the vibrations we act out.  I learned to see the beauty of a person’s spirit. I learned to fall in love with the things you cannot see.”

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